Paperless Law Firm


Gill & Sculimbrene is a paperless firm.  This is an advantage for you and for Gill & Sculimbrene.  By being paperless, it allows the firm to move quickly and adapt to new situations and challenges.  It also allows the firm to give you immediate and direct access to important documents.  Finally, it keeps costs down for you—your paying for representation not the storage and organization of cumbersome paper files. 

If documents are generated for your case, Gill & Sculimbrene will retain only digital copies.  If documents are essential to the case, such as a will, you will receive a paper copy and a ditigal copy will be retained by the firm.  Any handwritten notes taken in your case will be scanned and converted to the PDF format.  All other documents will be generated in Word or PDF. 

Finally, the courts are moving towards a paperless environment.  The federal courts are all digital and the state superior court is rapidly moving that way.  By being exclusively digital, Gill & Sculimbrene is anticipating the future and helping you prepare for that future.

To further your access to your case, Gill & Sculimbrene allows you to access your files on a secure website from anywhere you have internet access.  Gill & Sculimbrene can also send files to you over email.  In the event that you would like paper copies of documents and pleadings, Gill & Sculimbrene can accomodate you.