Drug Cases


In 2017 more people died from opioid addiction than in the entirety of the Vietnam war.  The Opioid Crisis will define a generation and leave a scar on the country. If you or a loved one are dealing with opioids or other drugs and criminal charges, you should come talk with Leslie and Tony.  As people on the front line of the criminal justice system’s triage of the drug problem, they have insights, skills, and connections that can help create a wraparound approach to drug cases.

For years Tony worked in the juvenile court’s Drug Court program in Concord and Nashua.  He helped dozens of kids come to grips with their addiction, their court cases, and their lives.  Similarly, Leslie has been involved with Adult Drug Courts, both in Nashua and Manchester since their inception.  She has knowledge of best practices, the key participants in the process, and the research behind addiction science.

Leslie and Tony pair this knowledge with comprehensive knowledge of the law regarding drugs, drug tests, suppression of drugs, and trying drug cases.  They also have experience arguing sentencing in drug cases and incorporating rehabilitation programs into those sentences.

If you or a loved one is in the criminal justice system because of drug addiction, let Leslie and Tony help.