Assault Charges


Being accused of sexual assault is a devestating and life-altering event.  The cases are complex, the stakes are high, and the law is nuanced.  Sexual assault charges demand experienced, skillful, and knowledgeable counsel. 

Leslie brings more than a decade of experience on the other side of sex cases.  As a former prosecutor, she knows the pressure points in sex cases, how prosecutors work through them, and the places where the State’s case is the weakest.  She also knows the witnesses, procedures, and experts that the State regularly uses. 

Tony has represented hundreds of people accused of sexual assault or sex-related charges.  Some cases involved high profile, public individuals.  Tony also represented individuals facing civil commitment for sexual assault.  He has sheparded people through every step of the process: pre-charge, pretrial, trial, sentencing, and post sentencing.  He has represented accused people in all different scenarios—divorces that spin into accusations made by children, parties that got out of control, and dates where the two people have radically different versions of what happened.  Sex assault charges are emotion minefields and you need someone to walk with you to avoid those mines.  Tony’s experience in sex cases is a diverse as  possible given the law in New Hampshire.

With this combination of skills, Leslie and Tony offer you or a loved one accused of sexual assault with superior representation when the stakes are the highest.  As always, the initial consultation is free.