Pre-Arrest Charges

The best result in a criminal case is never being charged.  

If you believe that the police consider you a suspect in a crime you need to talk to a lawyer.  The vast majority of criminal cases involve a statement to the police. These statements form the foundation of the State’s case against you.  So before you talk to the police reach out to Gill & Sculimbrene. Leslie and Tony can come on board at the first hint of trouble and help you. Many times, once the police get involved, cases are going to court regardless of what happens, but sometimes, with skilled help and timely advice you can avoid court.  

Even if the case is definitely going to court, having a lawyer can help with bail, timing of arrest, and other basic “how-does-this-impact-my-life” issues.  Leslie and Tony can interface with police, prevent you from being interrrogated, and may be able to help with arrest timing and bail conditions. They can also help advise you about how your case will impact your daily life and how to minimize those impacts.

There is no guarantee that hiring a lawyer before you are charged will convince the police not to charge you, but it can minimize the impact a case will have on your life and limit how damaging the evidence is against you in court.  

If you have questions about what’s going on and what the police at doing, come in for a free consultation.